Cummins Diesel Power Generator 158kVA/108kW,3Phase,powered by 6BTAA5.9-G12 & UCI274F,factory direct price.

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Key features:

Advantages of Cummins Diesel Generator
1. International Warranty Service
2. Water cooled engine
3. With ISO9001&CE certification
4. Spare parts are easy to get from worldwide market with much cheaper price
5. Coupled with Stamford alternator, Leroy Somer alternator or Mecc alte alternator
6. Perfect after-service network
7. Power range from 15kw to 2400kw, 50hz &60hz
8. Rigorous test including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load and 110% load

Product Detail

Product Parameters

Genset Main Technical Data:
Genset Model SRT158CES
Prime Power(50HZ) 126kW/158kVA
Standby Power(50HZ) 139kW/173kVA
Frequency/Speed 50Hz/1500rpm
Standard Voltage 240V/415V
Voltage Available 220V/380V
Phases Three phases
 reaction for frequency and voltage @ 50% load in 0.2 S
Regulation accuracy adjustable,normally 1
Noise  level 65dBA in 7M and 80dBA in 1M
(1) PRP: Prime Power is available for an unlimited number of annual operating hours in variable load applications, in
accordance with ISO8528-1. A 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within 12-hour period of
operation. In accordance with ISO 3046-1.
(2) ESP: The Standby Power Rating is applicable for supplying emergency power in variable load applications for
up to 200 hours per year in accordance with ISO8528-1. Overload is not allowed.
Cummins Engine Data:
Manufacturer CUMMINS
Model 6BTAA5.9-G12
Engine speed 1500rpm
--------------------Prime power 140kW
--------------------Standby power 155kW
Type In line 6-cylinder 4-stroke
Aspiration Turbocharged
Governor Electronic
Bore * Stroke 102*120mm
Displacement 5.9L
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Oil Capacity 17L
Coolant capacity 11L
Starting Voltage 24V
Fuel consumption(g/KWh) 203
Alternator Data:
Model UCI274F
Prime power 128kW/158 kVA
Standby power 140.8kW/ 176 kVA
AVR model SX460
Number of phase 3
Power factor (Cos Phi) 0.8
Altitude ≤ 1000 m
Overspeed 2250Rev/Min
Number of Pole 4
Insulation class H
Voltage regulation ±0.5%
Protection IP 23
Total harmonics (TGH/THC) < 4 %
Wave form : NEMA = TIF < 50
Wave form :  I.E.C. = THF < 2%
Bearing single
Coupling Direct
Efficiency 84.9%
Silent Type Diesel Gensets Specification:
◆ Original CUMMINS diesel engines
◆ Stamford brand brushless alternators
◆ LCD control panel
◆ CHINT breaker
◆ Batteries and charger equipped
◆ 8 hours fuel tank base
◆ Sound attenuated canopy with residential muffler and exhaust bellows
◆ Anti-vibration mountings
◆ 50℃ Radiator c/w Piping Kit
◆ Parts book and O&M Manual
◆ Factory test certificate

Product Display


SOROTEC Generator Key Features

1) Silent Canopy thickness at least 2.0mm, special order use 2.5mm. The canopy adopts a holistic disassembly structure with large size doors to assure the convenience for daily check and maintenance.

2) Heavy-duty fabricated steel based frame with built-in fuel tank for at least 8 hours continuous running. Environmental-friendly fully bunded base fuel tank assures no oil or coolant spills onto the ground for Australian market only.

3) By shot blasting treatment, High quality outdoor electrostatic powder coating and 200℃ oven heating, ensure the canopy & base frame strictly protect against rusty, mellow, fastness and strong anti-corrosion.

4) Sound absorbing material use 4cm thickness for silent foam, 5cm high density rockwool as optional for special order request.

5) 50℃ radiator is available for Southeast of Asia, African and tropics area

6) Water heater and oil heater for cold weather countries, tested with coolant.

7) Complete set mounted on a based frame with anti-vibration mountings.

8) Customized built-in high performance residential muffler minimizes the noise level

9) Based frame designed with fuel, oil and coolant drain cocks for easy maintenance.

10) 12/24V DC electric start system with free maintenance battery & smartgen brand battery charger.

11) Genset with 304# stainless steel screw, door locks and hingles.

12) Top lifting points, forklift pockets and eyelets as standard feature

13) External lockable fuel inlet with electrical fuel gauge as standard feature

14) Genset manuals, test report, electrical diagram before packing.

15) Wooden packaging, Carton packaging, PE film with hard paper corner protector.

Generator Details


Manufacture Process


Factory Case


Packing And Shipping


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