50Hz Super Silent Powered By UK Perkins 20kVA 16Kw Diesel Generator For House Three Phase

Short Description:

The main fertures are as follows:

Traction:the use of movable hooks,360 degrees turntable,steering flexibility,to ensure the safety of driving. Brake:with air brake and parking brake braking system,ensure the safety in driving.

Support:in order to ensure the stability of the operation of the power car,with 4 mechanical or hydraulic support device. Doors and windows:the front part of the ventilation window, the rear of the open door,on both sides of the door can be used by the operator to import and export.

Lihting:compartment ceiling lamp,right of the table,and with the work table,convenient operation staff. Sound proof:all of the carriage and the doors of the power car with double decorated and equipped with sound-absorbing panels silencer,exhaust pipe insulation is wrapped with cotton,noise can be a minmum 75db(a)or less. Body size:trunk size according to the size,the operator can walk around,convenient operation and maintenance.

External appearance:polymer polyurethane paint with paint,color can be customized,the exhaust pipe is under, to ensure that beautiful.

Product Detail

detail exploded view


Sorotec Generator Standard Configuration

1) Engine brands Options: Powered by Cummins, Powered by Perkins, Powered by DEUTZ, Powered by MTU, Powered by VOLVO, Powered by DOOSAN, Powered by YANMAR, Powered by KUBOTA, Powered by ISUZU, Powered by FAWDE, Powered by YANGDONG, Powered by KOFO, or other Engine brand.
2) Alternator brands options: STAMFORD, LEROY SOMER, MECC ALTE or China Top brand, single bearing 3 phase alternator with IP23 and H insulation class.
3) Controller brands options: DEEPSEA, COMAP, SMARTGEN brand AMF controller module for automatic start & stop.
4)Electric brans options: ABB, Schneider, VARTA, CHNT, DELIXI.

PERKINS 9KVA - 2250KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
CUMMINS 25KVA - 1500KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
DEUTZ 20KVA - 560KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
MTU 250KVA - 3000KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
VOLVO 85KVA - 730KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
DOOSAN 150KVA - 750KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
YANMAR 7-60KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
KUBOTA 8KVA - 45KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
ISUZU 25KVA-50KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
FAWDE 15KVA-375KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
YANGDONG 10KVA-85KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm
KOFO 15KVA - 375KVA 220-480V 50/60HZ 1500/1800rpm



Key Features

POWER RANGE: 20kw-300kW

1. Flexible and convenient draw-bar for easy traction.
2. The unique manual, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes keep the traction safe and reliable.
3. Aluminum or steel container-type casing to ensure that the gensets is not eroded by rain, snow and dust.
4. The main cable quick-plug allows the user to output power conveniently and quickly.
5. The daily fuel tank ensures that the unit runs continuously for 8 hours.
6. Manual or hydraulic support legs for stable support of the weight for a long time.
7. Heavy-duty air filter, motor dust-proof device, adapt to desert and dust environment.
8. Air heating device and water jacket preheating device are suitable for humid and cold environment.


1. Provide two wheels, four wheels, six wheels and eight wheels according to actual requirements.
2. Provide large-capacity built-in fuel tank according to actual requirements.
3. Optimize noise according to the actual use requirements for air inlet and outlet.

Cooperation Brand

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Why Choose Us

1) Silent Canopy thickness at least 2.0mm, special order use 2.5mm. The canopy adopts a holistic disassembly structure with large size doors to assure the convenience for daily check and maintenance.
2) Heavy-duty fabricated steel based frame with built-in fuel tank for at least 8 hours continuous running. Environmental-friendly fully bunded base fuel tank assures no oil or coolant spills onto the ground for Australian market only.
3) By shot blasting treatment, High quality outdoor electrostatic powder coating and 200℃ oven heating, ensure the canopy & base frame strictly protect against rusty, mellow, fastness and strong anti-corrosion.
4) Sound absorbing material use 4cm thickness for silent foam, 5cm high density rockwool as optional for special order request.
5) 50℃ radiator is available for Southeast of Asia, African and tropics area
6) Water heater and oil heater for cold weather countries, tested with coolant.
7) Complete set mounted on a based frame with anti-vibration mountings.
8) Customized built-in high performance residential muffler minimizes the noise level
9) Based frame designed with fuel, oil and coolant drain cocks for easy maintenance.
10) 12/24V DC electric start system with free maintenance battery & smartgen brand battery charger.
11) Genset with 304# stainless steel screw, door locks and hingles.
12) Top lifting points, forklift pockets and eyelets as standard feature
13) External lockable fuel inlet with electrical fuel gauge as standard feature
14) Genset manuals, test report, electrical diagram before packing.
15) Wooden packaging, Carton packaging, PE film with hard paper corner protector.

Generator Details


product description

The company possesses advanced equipment, such as CNC laser machine, CNC punching machine, shearing machine, bending machine, shot blasting machine and testing center with advanced and complete production line

Precision NC processing center ensure the dimension of work pieces as drawing requirements

Manufacture Process

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Packing And Shipping

Wooden packaging, Carton packaging, PE film with hard paper corner protector


Standard configuration

1. Generator Set Distributor Random Technical Documents   
2. Diesel engine, radiator / Muffler / Unit manual
3. Alternator  / connection elbow  / unit product quality certificate
4. Steel structure chassis  / Battery and cable  / Control screen
5. MCCB air protection switch  / Damping pad  / Engine original quality file
6. Generator original quality documentsce


1.Q: What's your warranty period?
A: 1 year or 1000 running hours whichever comes first. But based on some special project, we can extend our warranty period.

2. Q: What's your payment terms?
A : TT 30% deposit in advance, TT 70% balance paid before Shipment.

3. Q: What's your delivery time?
A: Normally delivery time is 25 working days.
But if imported engine and alternator, the delivery time will be longer.

4.Q: Do you accept OEM/ODM service?
A: Yes, We can be your OEM manufacturer with your authorization of brand.

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