Lighting Tower, LED, Metal Halide lamp100w, 200w,300w,400w,500w, 1000w,15000w,2000w, Manual lifting, Electrical lifting, 7.5M, 9M Light tower, Perkins Tower Light, Kubota Tower Light.

Short Description:

Sorotec lighting towers are perfect for any application where portable lighting is required. Compact, highly functional and easy to use.

Our light towers are designed for optimum performance and maximum efficiency.

General Features :
* Heavy- -duty design for mining application
* Telescopic, 360 degree hydraulic mast rotation, mast up to 9 meters
* LED lights or Metal Halide lights with 120 degree hydraulic rotation
* Automatic start and stop plus Dawn and Dusk sensor
* 24 hours operation base fuel tank
* Residual current device(RCD) protection
* Hydraulic Disc brake, hand brake with ring or ball hitch for optional
* Equipped with forklift slots and crane lifting hook for easy lifting
* With Internal maintenance light and external maintenance night lights

Product Detail

product specification

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Product Specification

Light Tower Model SRT6500LT SRT8000LT SRT10000VLT SRT120000SLT
Lighting Type of Lamps Metal halide lamp LED Lamp, 110Lumens/W LED Lamp, 110Lu/W
Watts 400W LED-300/400/500W. MH-1000W / 1500W / 2000W 100W/200W/300W
Lamp No. 2/4 4/6 4
Starting Separately Separately Separately
Rotation *** 360° 360°
Telescope Mast Height (mm) 2200~4800 2800~9000 2800~9000 2800~9000
Materials Galvanized steel plate Galvanized steel plate Galvanized steel plate
Mast sections Multi sections Multi sections Multi sections
Rotation *** 360° 360°
Operation for lift Manual/Electric Manual/electric/Hydarulic Hydralic Manual/electric
Wheel Number x Size 4x10" 2x185R14 2/4x235R16 2x185R14
Gradient Deg. ≤8° ≤10° ≤8°
Wind-proof Ability Class ≤ class 5 ≤ class 6 ≤ class 6
Generator (kW) 5 7.2 6.7 7.2 6.7 5kW portable generator
Alternator Manufacturer **** Stamford/Leroy somer/Linz Solar Panels. Monocrystalline silicon tempered glass. AGM deep cycle solar storage batteries maitenance free. 800AH/1200AH/1600AH/2000AH.
Frequency(Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Speed(rpm) 3000/3600 1500/1800 1500/1800 1500/1800 1500/1800
Engine Manufacturer *** Perkins Kubota Perkins Kubota
Model 186FA 403D-11G D1105 403D-11G D1105
Cooling Air-cooled Water-cooled
Others Type Silent Silent
Controller **** Deep sea DSE3110
Starting Electric Electric
Fuel-Diesel (L) 16 100 100 130 130
Weight of light tower kg 300 900 950 1700 1750 1100
Dimension mm 1100*900*2000 1850*1450*1680 2350*2100*2450 1800*1400*1700

Product Details

The LED Mobile Portable Light Tower is a unique portable lighting solution for a variety of outdoor jobs perfect for work sites, special events, factories, mining, etc. Use the LED alone or connect it to other peripheral devices for greater flexibility and versatility. No harmful fuel emissions. The LED is powered by a standard 220V volt socket, generator or other light tower, making it a safe, clean option for a variety of temporary lighting.

Sorotec Light tower is a unique portable lighting solution suitable for a variety of jobs, activities and projects. The LED provides the same powerful lighting as our full-size LED light tower, but its compact design allows for ultimate versatility and ease of use. Using one or two connecting towers, the connecting capability allows for flexibility and versatility in lighting events and workplaces, because it is powered by standard 220V outlets with no harmful fuel emissions, making the LED tower a clean and safe option for various types of temporary lighting
External mast line voltage is low, safer operation.

Cooperation Brand



• Power from 220V public power supply, generator or other minaret.
• The 220V AC duplex socket can supply power for common field tools.
• The smaller size and design fit open through standard doors.
• Cost Effective
• Lowest total cost of ownership for a lighthouse - no service interval no diesel fuel.
• Small footprint, saving transportation costs.
• Out of the box LED lights.
• Easy To Use
• LED can be set up by one person in less than a minute, saving time and manpower.
• Ergonomically folded handles and additional casters are low for one-person operation.
• Lockable side access door for internal storage, extension cords, and tools.
• Forklift pockets and eye lifts for easy handling.

Generator Details


Manufacture Process

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Factory case

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Packing And Shipping

Wooden packaging, Carton packaging, PE film with hard paper corner protector


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