• The Difference Between Aircooled And Watercooled Generators

    Air-cooled generator is a generator with a single-cylinder engine or a double-cylinder engine. One or more large fans are used to force the exhaust air to dissipate heat against the generator. Generally, gasoline generators and small diesel generators are the main ones.Air-cooled generators need ...
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  • What Are The Advantages Of Diesel Generator?

    Diesel generator is a kind of small power generation equipment, which uses diesel as the main fuel and uses diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the power generation machinery of the generator. The diesel generator has the characteristics of rapid starting, convenient operation and maintenan...
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  • Main Tips For Silent Diesel Generator Sets

    With the increasing severity of noise pollution, some enterprises with higher noise control requirements have changed their demand for purchasing diesel generator sets, and the super silent diesel generator has become increasingly widespread in recent years. The silent diesel generator set not on...
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  • Diesel Generator Room Exhaust Air

    When the diesel generator is running, part of the fresh air will be sucked into the combustion chamber, so that it will be evenly mixed with fuel in the combustion chamber to drive the generator to continue to operate.At the same time, a large amount heat of the  generated during operation must b...
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  • Tips For Use And Maintenance Your Cummins Generator

    Tips For Use And Maintenance Your Cummins Generator

    After you posses diesel generator set. Use and Maintenance of Cummins Generator Cooling System Did You Know? The deterioration of the technical state of the diesel engine cooling system will directly affect the normal operation of the d...
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  • Why Choose Diesel Generator

    Why Choose Diesel Generator

    In modern life, electricity has become a non-existent or missing part of life. There are many ways to generate electricity, but why should we choose a diesel generator? Here we look at the strengths of diesel generators in use! ...
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  • Welcome To Contact Us

    Welcome To Contact Us

    We offer a broad range of after-sales services and support, which ensure top quality standards, fast problem resolution, and the ability to establish a high value image.   Our expertly trained teams provide customer service, repairs and...
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  • Service & Support 

    Service & Support 

    Scope of Warranty This ordinance is fit for all series of SOROTEC Diesel Generating Sets and products interrelated used abroad. During the warranty period, if there is malfunction due to poor quality parts or workmanship, sup...
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