7.5M Trailer light tower 8kw generator with Metal Halide Lamp.4*1000W 4*400W;LED lamp 4*300W/500W/600W.Manual or Electric Lifting.

Short Description:

-Waterproof and anti-corrosion Light tower
-Low noise operation
-High quality LED and metal halide Lamp
-High quality generator motor
-Simple and convenient operation
-Light tower manufacturer direct sales.

△Sorotec produce full range of light tower:Hand push light tower/Tariler light tower/Hydraulic light tower/Solar light tower
△Accept OEM customization
△Sttles,heights,lamps,generators are optional
△Simplify your lighting needs with Sorotec Light tower
△High quality with CE,ISO certificates.

Product Detail

Product Details


Product Parameters

Model SGLT1400T3-1/2 SGLT1400T3-2/3
Max.Height 7.5m 7.5m
Section 5 section 5 section
Lifting Manual/Electric Manual/Electric
Light Metal Halide LED
Light Power 4*400W/4*1000W 4*300W/4*500W/4*600W
Total Lumen 4*44000Lm/4*11000Lm 4*39000Lm/65000Lm/78000Lm
Generator Power 6-8kW 6-8kW
Frequency 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Cooling System Air cooled Air cooled
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 50-85L 50-85L
Size 2500*1300*3400mm(Transportation Condition)
2000*2340*10000(Unfolded Condition)

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